The bikes are preloved

They will have signs of use there maybe scratches and some corrosion in places

All the bikes have been serviced and checked they are 100% road safe

Please look at this rough size guide and measurements for your child’s size

There is no such thing as an “average” 7 years old etc

My daughter was 6 inches taller than the shortest child and 3 inches shorter than the tallest

It might surprise some people but I don’t have a database of every child’s height in Warwickshire

I can only service, clean and prep the bikes so they are safe for your children

Please help me by measuring your children first

Once your child as outgrown the 24” wheel bike you move on to adult bikes normally 26” wheels their inside leg measurement minus 10-12” gives you a good frame size

Children’s bikes are usually measured by wheel size but adult bikes are measured by frame size from 14” upto 22”

Tips for buying a bike

The absolutely most important thing

Be comfortable with your bike

The more you like your bike, the more comfortable you are on your bike the more you will use and enjoy it no matter of cost or colour

1) size matters!!!!

your inside leg measurement minus 10-12” gives you a good frame size

2) fit for purpose

Are you looking for a bike to enjoy time with your children and can no longer keep up as they grow into bigger bikes?

Are you wanting to get fit?

Are you commuting?

Bikes tend to fall into 4 main categories

Road Bikes sporty light bikes great for road cycling and commuting

Mountain bikes and mountain style bikes

These tend to have big chunky tyres and front suspension great for going out with the children

Hybrid bikes

These have a wheel diameter of a road bike and a tyre width halfway between the road bike narrow tyres and the mountain bike chunky tyres great combination of road and tracks riding with most being able to handle greenway, canal paths and slightly muddy ground while being smooth on the roads with less rolling resistant then mountain bikes, Retro, or vintage bikes.

My Favourite Bikes a sturdy steel frame and a memory of youth

Most retro or vintage bikes are great for all kinds of use but usually come with less gears then modern bikes so sometimes they are less practical but look fantastic and takes you back to days of yellow pages adverts and the swop shop or tiswas ( anyone born after 1995 please feel free to google the references )

Height Of ChildAge Of ChildWheel Size
98 – 112cm3 – 5 yrs12″
105 – 117cm4 – 6 yrs14″
112 – 125cm5 – 7 yrs16″
117 – 129cm6 – 8 yrs18″
125 – 136cm7 – 9 yrs20″
130 – 141cm8 – 11yrs24″


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